SaNNaS hundtrim och hundfoto, Blekinge

Sanna Sander


Hello and welcome!

My name is Sanna Sander and I'm a photographer located in Sweden with the main focus on dogs and the dog breeds of the world. 

I've been photographing dogs actively for almost twenty years and if you are looking for an image of a specific dog breed for a book or another project chances are good that I can help you.

My photos have been published world wide, from Japan to USA, in both magazines, calendars and books and have won several awards in international competitions.

I'm the winner of the 2023 edition of the INTERNATIONAL PET PHOTORAPHER OF THE YEAR contest.

My love for the tibetan mastiff breed has resulted in my own book, EXPLORING THE TIBETAN MASTIFF, published by Revodana Publishing i USA, written by me and illustrated with my photos of the breed, shot in several countries, from Estonia to China, over the last two decades.

If you wish to see more of my work please visit my INSTAGRAM.

Please keep in mind that the photos shown there are but a fraction from my archives of images, so if you are looking for anything specific but can't find it there please let me know.

In my ETSY-shop it's possible to shop prints and other products with my images. 

Don´t miss my WALL CALENDARS for 2024 - TIBETAN MASTIFFS and a more ARTSY CALENDAR with different dog breeds!

If you wish to book me for photoshoots, I am available.

My passion is capturing dogs and their breed specific traits with my camera.

 Sanna Sander