My name is Sanna Sander and I live in the middle of the forest in the south of Sweden together with my husband, our daughter and our cats and dogs. We have four tibetan mastiffs, SE CH DK CH DK W-15 SE W-16 Legenda Tibeta Temudzhin “Temudjin” and his son DK JW-16 DK W-16 SE JW-16 NORDIC JW-16 Dom Khandro Amore Tamtam “Tamtam” and two imports from Italy, both from native tibetan lines, our gold sable boy Manam Ask Drokpa and our black girl Lhuntse Embla Drokpa. We also have one azawakh girl, SE JW-14 SE W-14 SE JW-15 SE W-15 SE W-16 DK W-16 NORDIC W-16 SE CH DK CH Oska Kel Lusitania Chotsani “Soleil” and a fantastic little gentleman in the shape of a chocolate merle mutt named Chibi.

Tibetan mastiffs and dog photography are two of my big interests. I’ve shared my life with this very special breed for 10 years and they still enchant me, every single day. My first tibetan mastiff Zodd (SE CH DK CH NO CH NORDIC CH KBH W-09 DK W-09 KBH W-11 DK W-11 Fu-Hsing Sundari) was the one who swept me away and I’ve been hooked ever since. He was one of a kind and is etched in my heart forever.

I am a freelance photographer and writer. My work have been published in several countries, for example Sweden, China, Japan, USA and Germany.

To contact me please send me an e-mail at sannasdd@gmail.com